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CS Chemical Co., Ltd., a manufacturer of environment-friendly PSA
CS Chemical is a professional manufacturer of pressure-sensitive adhesives for water-based formulations

CS Chemical


CS Chemical is a company built with excellent technology and science. CS chemical produces dozens of products based on creative ideas and evolutionary technologies. Dozens more products are divided into eight business segments. It consists of Eco-friendly water based PSA, General PSA, PAS for High adhesion strength, PSA for High heat resistance, PSA for non polar substrate, PSA for flammability, PSA for protection, UV-Curable PSA.

ECO-Friendly water based PSA

CS Chemical’s water-based acrylic PSAs are environmentally superior without the use of nonylphenyl-based emulsifiers, and do not reduce weather resistance due to emulsifiers and migration. It has the characteristics of good initial adhesion and holding power, and good water and weather resistance.

General PSA

It has high initial tack and excellent adhesion, and has a heat-resistant cohesion of 100 ℃. It has excellent physical properties when applied to foam for automobile, Home Appliance and architecture.

PSA for High adhesion strength

a strong adhesive strength even at a low coating amount (possible up to about 2200 gf / 25mm in 3㎛ ) and excellent scientific properties, CS Chemical’s PSA fixes between various types of display panels. It also serves to cushion the impact and can help improve the performance and reliability of electronic products.

PSA for High heat resistance

CS chemicals introduce a functional group into the polymer chain and adjust the degree of cross-linking by the interaction of cross-linking agents that match it, or by introducing multi-functional groups into the polymer chain, We have various know-how such as cross-linking

PSA for non polar substrate

CS chemical has a technology that can control the polymerization by adjusting the polarity of the polymer by introducing a functional group into the molecule of the polymer in consideration of the polarity of the adherend and adjusting the molecular weight distribution to suit the purpose.

PSA for flammability

CS chemical has original technologies such as polymerization using monomers with flame retardant structure, cross-linking to prevent surface migration and deterioration of adhesive strength without simply mixing flame retardants.

PSA for protective

CS chemical’s PSAs for protective are used to protect materials in various markets such as electronics, ships, automobiles, aviation and construction.

UV-Curable PSA

CS Chemical has a UV-curable adhesive with excellent thermal stability and easy to peel off.