UV Based
Protective PSA

UV Based

Protective PSA

UV-curable PSA from CS chemical is a process protection tape that has excellent thermal stability and is easy to remove. The existing tape of process protection has a problem that the latter adhesive Strength is higher than the initial adhesive Strength due to pressure and high temperature during processing, and a lot of force is required to remove the adhesive film. However, the protective tape of CS chemical has a low adhesive strength after UV irradiation and is easily peeled off, and after peeling, no tape residue remains on the Substrate.

In the conventional technology, since oligomers or multifunctional monomers are blending with photoinitiators to induce UV curing, weathering and heat resistance are very poor due to migration of unreacted oligomers or multifunctional monomers. CS chemical’s technology does not a simply blending, but attaches a double bond to the polymer chain as a chemical bond, so there is no deterioration in weather resistance and heat resistance due to migration. For this reason, it can be applied to the protective tape for processes requiring high temperature and high pressure. In particular, it shows excellent properties when applied to stainless steel.


  • As a PSA for process protection, it is applied to the protection tape of processes requiring high temperature and high pressure

  • It protects the adherend with high adhesion. After UV irradiation, the adhesion is remarkably dropped and easy to peel off.

  • Due to its excellent weather resistance, no residue of the tape remains on the adherend after peeling.
Product nameUV 901
SubstratePE film
Cross linkerA100 1 Part
AgingRoom temperature 1day
UV condition
Irradiation time / Energy amount
5 Seconds /92mw/㎠
Before UV irradiationAfter UV irradiation
Ball tack#4~5-
Adhesive Strength (gf/25mm)
180° Peel After 60 min of attachmen
SUS 30435030
Holding power
1mm <-