Water Based
Protective PSA

Water Based

Protective PSA

SP-660 is used as a protective PSA to protect materials in various markets such as electronic devices, ships, automobiles, aviation, and construction. The protective PSA of CS chemical can protect the surface of the product surface during transportation and storage with strong resistance to various environmental changes such as heat, moisture, acid and alkali in addition to external impact. It has excellent durability and heat resistance and can be applied to building interior materials and high temperature processes. In addition, it is easy to peel off after work and has excellent weather resistance, and after removal even in a high temperature environment, the adhesive will be transferred to the surface of the adherend or no residue will remain. PE, PET, PVC film can be used as the base material, it is transparent and you can easily check the appearance.


  • Used for PE film.

  • Protects the surface from external shocks and damages during transport and storage
Product name SP-660
Substrate PE film
Cross Linker A200 2P
Thickness 3μm
Aging Room temperature 1day
Ball tack #4~5
(gf/25mm) 180° Peel
After 60 min of attachment
SUS 304 250
PE 100
ABS 280
PC 270
PVC 290
Glass 170
Holding power
1mm <